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No Excuses: No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You

  • 15 Jan 2013
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Marriott Courtyard, Farmingdale, NY


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The No Excuses: No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You “Personal Power” Keynote

The principles taught during this keynote – personal power, personal responsibility, positive attitude, taking action – are the same principles that engage and motivate the thousands of people who attend my other workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses each year. Whether I am speaking in 

China or Europe or the United States , the idea that “we” have the power to radically change the direction of our lives always resonates no matter the audience’s language, cultural norms, or social status or class.

We all want to feel empowered to take charge of our destiny and the life we live every day. Still, everyone is guilty of the blame game; we blame the economy; we blame our managers; we blame our organization; we blame the system; we blame the culture; we blame our spouse; we blame our family heritage; we blame our friends. We blame everyone but ourselves. 

This keynote covers principles I have shared with audiences around the world for the past 10 years.  While the principles of personal power and personal accountability are well known, it is difficult for most people to turn this understanding into action. It’s easy to see why most people shy away from the hard, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful work of change and resort back to their old, comfortable habits of blaming others or finding convenient excuses. Avoiding the unfamiliar and difficult in favor of well-trodden paths we know is just human nature.

The No Excuses keynote is all about showing participants how to replace the words “it’s not my fault” with the personal power statement “it’s MY responsibility.”  The keynote is about shifting the learner’s perspective from waiting for something to happen to beingaccountable for what actually happens in life.  It’s about becoming the producers, directors, leading men and women in our life movie.  Bottom line – the session focuses on developing the leader within.  Personal power, drive, courage, passion, enthusiasm and attitude are all areas that impact internal leadership.  The session’s objectives will challenge learners to get out of their “performance comfort zone” and move into expanding their personal power. 


  • Examine the areas where we tend to make the most excuses

  • Develop methods to remove the self-created barriers we've created and explore ways to better embrace uncertainty and vulnerability

  • Examine areas of our personal and professional life where we have to assume more personal responsibility and accountability.

  • Explore ways to live with more urgency and purpose and review and eliminate those areas that we’ve let hinder us in the past.

  • Review the tenets of personal power.

This session has been designed to create multiple opportunities for the learners to look within themselves to determine if they have the individual mindset, brain power and heart power. 

At the keynote’s completion, each participant will have a clear look into who he/she is and understand what it’s going to take for him/her to live and perform in a “no excuses” fashion.  This goal will be accomplished through transparent, revealing and candid conversations and assumption challenging.  

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