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Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Employee Training Program

  • 07 Jun 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online



You probably didn’t think too much about needing marketing skills when you took on a training role!  However, for a training program to be utilized within an organization and see any ROI, it must be communicated!  Ultimately, both marketers and learning professionals want their audiences to take some specific action.

Whether you’re trying to sell a product or convince an employee to learn a new skill, you’re trying to persuade someone to do something.  How can you get your employees and leaders more interested, involved, and engaged in your training and development program?

Learn to create a plan that is engaging and exciting!

Key Objectives:

  • How to effectively identify and build audience personas
  • Systematic approaches to building marketing plans
  • Stages and phases of communication strategies
  • Hear tips, tricks, examples and best practices from BizLibrary’s most successful clients

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